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Frank Rhodes

Frank B. Rhodes Furniture MakerArt is less about the result than the intent one brings to bear. If the artist is true to himself, his history, and the honesty of the work, then art will happen, regardless of the medium.

This is what shines through in the furniture restoration and reproduction work of Frank B. Rhodes. Each time he lays eyes and hands on a piece, he is bringing all that he has absorbed through his past and the furniture’s history. In that sense, he is a curator of a unique chapter in our collective national story.

Spending his young summers at the Eastern Shore home of his grandparents, Col. Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch, Frank was surrounded by early American art and furniture. Admirers of the style known as “primitive,” or “naïve,” the Garbisches gathered more than 2,600 pieces. What is now called The Garbisch Collection can be seen in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., among other places.

This immersion in historic beauty and craft has formed the core of Frank’s work. Whether he is restoring a priceless family heirloom dating from the 1700s, or creating a new piece inspired by traditional designs, Frank brings a unique perspective, skill, and passion to his art.”



Our restoration project, circa 1795, is unsigned yet embodies the similar construction, design and characteristics of a traditional Roxbury style. The cabinet making trade during this era was very prominent. More >>>